West News Wire: In the areas of finance, oil, and sports, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates use their clout. They ignore the positions of America and, historically, England and take advantage of their strategic importance. 

Jewish nationalists and religious extremists in Israel are pushing for changes to the future of the nation that will go against those of Washington. Similar circumstances occurred during the last few weeks of the British government’s trusteeship in the area. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan separates the West from the East in an effort to rebuild the empire. He fluctuates between requesting assistance from the US, NATO, the EU, Russia, and China. 

Since assuming office in 2021, President Joe Biden has largely refrained from direct involvement in the ongoing crises in the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan. This can be attributed to the challenges within the United States and his focus on issues related to China and Ukraine. 

The restoration of the Iran nuclear agreement, which former President Donald Trump had torn up, was one of President Joe Biden’s key regional objectives, but it has not yet been carried out. 

President Biden is actively redefining American leadership in the world. While simultaneously deploying an additional 3,000 troops to the Persian Gulf this month, probably to establish supremacy, he claims that he is tackling the influence of Beijing and Moscow. But the days of American supremacy are long gone. 

As the US presidential election nears, Joe Biden wants to pull off a “unlikely hat trick.” This accomplishment includes helping to broker a historic peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel, obtaining the US accord with Iran, and effectively establishing an independent Palestinian state. These achievements would be considered a significant achievement in the realm of diplomacy for him. 

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This month saw a significant shift in the Iran situation as talks over the release of American captives took place in Qatar. The reopening of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, mediated by China, also worries the United States. The US is also attempting to convince Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman to recommit to the “Abraham Accord” and normalise relations with Israel. 

Joe Biden seems to think that by getting Israel’s support, he will increase the likelihood of Palestinian independence, halt efforts to annexes the West Bank, and restart the peace negotiations for a two-state solution. His hopes for this hat trick, meanwhile, are unrealistic and unlikely to come true. 

The time when America was a superpower is coming to an end. While President Biden may strive to uphold this longstanding order, it is believed that America, much like Britain, will soon become a part of history. 


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