West News Wire: The Russian President Vladimir Putin explained  some of the reasons for his attack on Ukraine.

  • Further NATO expansion to the east is unacceptable.
  • Did we place our missiles near the US border? This is the United States that came to our homeland with its missiles! Is it a very big demand that no more defense system be put in front of our land? What would be the American reaction if we place our missiles on the Canadian-American border?
  • In the 1990s, the Americans told us not to go East for another inch. So what happened? They openly deceived us. Five waves of NATO Expansion and now there are US missile systems in Romania and Poland.
  • We do not threaten anyone? Did we move to the American borders? Or to the borders of the UK or anywhere else? They came to us from the United States and now they say that Ukraine should also join NATO. This means that the US missile system is supposed to exist in Ukraine as well.

Source: Global Times News


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