West News Wire: A sneak peek of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has been released. According to Carlson, the discussion revealed the Balkan leader’s “interesting perspective” on the situation in Ukraine considering that his own nation was bombed by NATO in 1999. 

The former Fox News personality published a small video on his X (also known as Twitter) account in which he discussed what Vucic told him during an unreleased interview that was conducted in the Serbian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.  

One of the things he made, according to Carlson, was that the European economy had been destroyed by the NATO-led war against Russia in the Ukraine. “The Biden administration is killing the German economy by destroying Nord Stream, either directly or through proxies.” 

Carlson characterized the situation as “completely crazy,” noting that the German economy is the largest economy in Europe by far “and so the downstream effects of that, one NATO country effectively attacking another NATO country are felt throughout Europe.” 

Carlson asserted that the ongoing global shift of power away from the United States and the West to the East is a “world reset” that the American public appears to be unaware of. “This war is hurting everybody possibly with the exception in the long term of Russia and empowering everybody outside of the Gulf States, China, and Turkey,” he said. 

Vucic claimed earlier this month that all Western efforts to aid Ukraine in defeating Russia on the battlefield were futile.  

The Serbian leader predicted that despite all of the West’s military might, Russia will not be routed on the battlefield and urged Kiev and Moscow to start negotiations for peace. 

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The Balkan country, which has traditionally maintained close ties with Russia, has declared neutrality in the standoff between Moscow and Kiev. However, Vucic has said on numerous occasions that his government has come under pressure from the West to introduce sanctions against Russia. 


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