West News Wire: Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene has reiterated her recent claim that the US is headed for a “national divorce” between red and blue states, but she says she doesn’t want political differences to spark a new civil war.

On February 20, President’s Day, Georgia Congressman Taylor Greene, a pivotal supporter of Donald Trump’s “America First” and “MAGA” campaigns, proposed dividing the country into political philosophies. From the sick and repulsive woke cultural issues that were forced down our throats to the Democrat’s (sic) treacherous America Last policies, she lamented, “We are done.”

Following backlash, Taylor Greene doubled down on the comments on Sunday, tweeting that Washington and the political world “are totally disconnected from real Americans and how they think [and] feel and they hate it when I’m right.”

Taylor Greene’s latest comments are bound to inflame tensions amid stark political divides in Washington, which is still feeling the ripple effects of the pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The political chasm between red and blue states noted by the congresswoman appears to be backed up by polling data. Pollster Jeremy Zogby told conservative outlet the Washington Examiner that support for a separation of blue and red states exists “across the board.”

His father John Zogby, a senior partner at the political consulting firm John Zogby Strategies, also noted that there is “nothing in our polling that would contradict” Taylor Greene’s assessment of the US political landscape.

If a so-called “national divorce” came to be, Taylor Greene said the Department of Defense would need to “defend America’s borders” rather than focus on rivalries with Russia and China or show more interest in “serving Ukraine first.”

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A “legal agreement to separate our beliefs and political divisions while retaining our legal unity” is required, the congressman claimed, in order to avoid a civil war between the right and left in the US.

Nonetheless, Taylor Greene’s viewpoint has drawn criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. While former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney referred to Greene’s statement as “insanity,” White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson called it “sick, divisive, and alarming.”

Romney declared, “We’re not going to polarize the nation. We stand taller together, and fall further apart.

Taylor Greene has consistently criticized President Joe Biden’s administration; earlier this month, she made news when she heckled Biden during his annual State of the Union speech.


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