West News Wire: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was attacked by a prominent member of the UK Parliament who claimed that he was in charge of a “zombie parliament” and without any political vision. 

Sunak criticised Nadine Dorries for not adequately representing her constituency, and she responded by making the comments in her formal resignation letter, which was made public on Sunday. 

“Since you assumed office a year ago, a zombie parliament has been in charge of the nation, and nothing significant has occurred. What specifically have you done or accomplished? Dorries remarked. 

“You are the prime minister despite never having received a single vote, not even from your own MPs. Your administration is in disarray and you lack a mandate from the people. For what, she said, have you wasted the nation’s goodwill?  

The Conservative lawmaker further accused Sunak of putting his personal ambition above the stability of the country and its economy. 

“Bewildered, we look in vain for the grand political vision for the people of this great country to hold on to, that would make all this disruption and subsequent inertia worthwhile, and we find absolutely nothing,” she said. 

She also accused Sunak of putting her personal safety at risk by “whipping a public frenzy” against her, stressing that the prime minister is “demeaning his office.” 

Dorries last spoke in the Commons more than 400 days ago and has voted only six times so far this year. 

Earlier this month, Sunak labeled Dorries an absentee MP who is not properly representing her constituents. 

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Next British prime minister will be announced on Monday

Last October, just days after Liz Truss resigned from office following the humiliating failure of her tax cut plans, which further shook the nation’s economy, Sunak, a former chancellor of the Exchequer, was chosen as the party’s leader by fellow Conservative MPs. 

Under former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sunak was the finance minister. 

Johnson congratulated Sunak on his appointment and urged other Tory party members to fully back him. 

Johnson ally Dorries made her resignation as an MP effective immediately known in June. 

She subsequently came under increasing pressure for not really doing so, which prevented the poll to succeed her from taking place last month along with three other municipal elections. 

The by-election to replace the outgoing MP will likely take place in the autumn, presenting the Conservatives with another test of their popularity when they are trailing the opposition Labour Party in opinion polls.


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