West News Wire: In Michigan, powerful thunderstorms that raged over the state overnight have claimed at least five lives. 

A lady and two small children were killed in a car accident caused by floods in Kent County, which includes Grand Rapids, an official told news reporters.

According to the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, a potential tornado struck the Lansing region and killed another person on a road. 

According to authorities, a tree fell on a house in Lansing, killing one person. 

On Friday, more than 440,000 Michigan customers are without electricity. 

Just south of Detroit, about 7 inches of rain poured, flooding nearby streets and neighbourhoods. Wind gusts close to 70 mph were observed in the Detroit area. 

Four tornadoes were confirmed in Michigan: one each in Canton, Bellville, Livingston County and Kent County. 

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, is advising locals to “take precautions like avoiding downed power lines and flood waters as areas are cleared.” 

She continued, “We are moving quickly to provide the help required. 

Tornadoes and flash flooding both occurred in Ohio. 

In Ohio, three tornadoes with winds of high to 110 mph were documented. 

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