West News Wire: Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has shortened or pardoned the sentences of a huge number of Iranian detainees during recent riots in the nation.

Ali Khamenei granted Gholam hossein Mohseni-request Ejei’s to commute sentences for prisoners subject to mitigating circumstances on Sunday.

On the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s success, which ended the Pahlavi regime’s rule over the nation in 1979 with support from foreign powers, Ali Khamenei gave his assent.

The sentences for the inmates who received clemency were determined by the State Discretionary Punishment Organization, the Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces, Iran tribunals, and courts of common appeals.

The official amnesty request was approved in line with the implementation of the 11th paragraph of the Constitution’s Article 110, which grants the Supreme leader the right to pardon or reduce the sentences of convicts upon a recommendation from the head of the Judiciary.

As routine, Ali Khamenei regularly issues such verdicts on the occasion of religious festivities.

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