West News Wire: Gunmen assaulted a small community in Nigeria, where they started shooting at the inhabitants, killing dozens of people. 

People in the hamlet of Umogidi, Benue State, were looking for more bodies on Friday after the attack that left at least 51 people dead. 

Uncertainty surrounds the incident, but conflicts between settled farmers and nomads on the move are not uncommon. 

While herders accuse farmers of harming their animals, farmers accuse herders of ruining their crops. 

Following the attack on Wednesday, a number of persons are still listed as missing. 

According to reports, the armed group started the assault in the local market. Many people tried to hide in the bush, according to the locals, but were shot and killed. 

Bako Eje, a local government official, told news reporters that the gunmen attacked while people were mourning three others who had been killed a day earlier. 

He said his own son had been killed in the attack. 

The region has been one of the hardest hit by clashes between farmers and herders. 

Although security forces have been deployed to the region, their presence has not stopped the deadly clashes. 

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