West News Wire: It is not just about winning territories it’s also about political victories, about serving a political purpose. Look at the war in Ukraine, the West wanted to isolate Putin, bring him down, Russia wanted to stop NATO’s expansion and assert its claim on Ukraine, neither has won but Russia is certainly ahead.

Putin has weaponized oil and gas supplies so much so that the West is diluting its own sanctions. Putin has also defeated Biden in West Asia, he has trekked important partnership. Saudi Arabia now backs Russia, Iran too backs Russia.

Iran has signed a 40 billion dollars oil deal with Russia. It may also sell drones to Russia. Putin’s visit to Iran was a success compared to Biden’s visit to the region. It was a flop. What does this mean for the region and Russia’s role in it?

This article will decode Putin’s powerplay in West Asia.

West Asia has had a busy week. First Joe Biden landed with a to-do list, he made a misfit and returned empty-handed. Then Vladimir Putin landed in Iran, he played his cards better than Biden and he is returning with some big wins to Moscow. Putin secured a strategic partnership plus an energy deal and that something Biden also came for. He wanted an oil deal but the Saudis refused.

Putin on the other hand landed with a $40 billion oil deal and the big picture does not look good for Washington D.C. Russia is far for being isolated, not alone being defeated. It is forging a new Partnerships with Iran, Putin is creating a new anti-America axis.

How will this help Russia and what impact will it have on West Asia and world? What Putin got from his visit to Iran?

Putin made some significant breakthroughs. The two big announcements were made: First, Iran-backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Unlike China, Iran is not being cautious, it is not mincing its words, it has offered a full support to Putin. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Putin: “War is a violent and difficult issue, and the Islamic Republic is in no way happy that civilians get caught up in it, but concerning Ukraine, had you not taken the initiative, the other side would have taken the initiative and caused the war,” the other side here being the NATO.

So Iran is saying, If Russia had not started the war, the NATO would have. and this is not surprising. Both Iran and Russia considered the West as their enemy, both faced tough sanctions and in geopolitics, common enemies make great friends. The West has isolated both Iran and Russia, so Iran and Russia are now natural allies. Iran is supporting Russia’s war on Ukraine. It has also struck a major oil deal with Russia, a deal worth 40 billion dollars.

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It was signed during Putin’s visit. What does the deal entail. Russia will help Iran’s set up, more oil fields and gas projects, and it is significant given their history.

Russia once colonized parts of North Iran. Today the two became strategic partners  with an oil deal and possibly an arms deal too. The US says Russia wants to buy Iranian drones. The leaders did not say about it yesterday but the reports say that Russia seriously is pursuing this deal the drone deal with Iran. There is talk of a treaty on strategic Corporation. Tehran and Moscow want to further their relationship on three levels: Regional affairs, security and economics.

Moving away from the use of dollar, is the priority for both sides.  Russia and Iran can build their own  banking mechanisms. So, Putin has a lot to look forward to when it comes to Iran. Iran and Russia are united in their concerns.  They are creating a new axis, a new Power Center in West Asia which makes the chest bone in West Asia very interesting.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are coming closer, but Israel and Iran are sworn enemies. Saudi Arabia and Iran have been enemies, but they are beginning to talk. Russia and Saudi Arabia are partners, and Russia and Iran are also partners and this is West Asia.

Iran is backing Russia in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia too is backing Russia. Saudi foreign minister said: ” Russia is an integral part of OPEC plus and without Corporation in OPEC plus as a collective, it would be impossible to properly ensure adequate supplies of oil to the international markets.”

Where does that leave the US isolated, at least in this region. Biden wanted to make Putin a pariah,  but in this part of the world he seems to have lost both Saudi Arabia and Iran. Putin has won this round.


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