West News Wire: During a trip to New York City, Princess Anne rode the Staten Island Ferry.

As the ferry, which was headed for Manhattan and was being guarded by police boats, traversed the New York Harbor on Tuesday, the sister of Britain’s King Charles III was led to the pilothouse. According to silive.com, a fireboat welcomed the ferry with a water show immediately before docking.

The princess had just finished a visit of the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island when the ferry arrived. During the visit, her parents’ memorial tiny figurine of the Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight was unveiled.

The only child of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last month, is Princess Anne.

The princess attended a luncheon in Manhattan after the ferry trip and praised the lighthouse museum in a speech.

“The lighthouse still has a really important part to play,” she said. “The story that goes with lighthouses and how we got here is just as important, and (the) museum has made an astonishing impact in telling that story.”

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