West News Wire: Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the president of Algeria, told reporters in an interview on Thursday that his country is willing to share its excess electrical capacity with Europe and that it is developing a 270 km undersea pipeline to Italy.

According to Tebboune, Algeria is also working to increase its gas exports by doubling them to 100 billion cubic meters annually from 56 billion cubic meters in 2022.

As punishment for a series of crippling sanctions meant to reduce its ability to fund its war, Russia, which used to be the top gas exporter to the EU, has closed the taps.

In recent months, a continuous stream of European officials have traveled to Algeria in search of supply agreements that will lessen reliance on Russia.

Algeria holds an estimated 159 trillion of proven gas reserves, ranking around 10th in the world in terms of gas resources.

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