West News Wire: On Tuesday, a US lawmaker submitted articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, claiming that his actions regarding the southern border render him unsuitable for duty. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, filed the motion, which accuses Biden of abusing his position and neglecting his duties by “presiding over an executive branch that has continually, overtly, and consistently refused to enforce the Nation’s immigration laws and secure the Southern Border.” 

Boebert said she urged her party, which now controls the majority in the House of Representatives, to take action in response to the accusations, but she was also prepared to take independent action. 

“If the committees and/or leadership does not step up and actually do something about the president’s failure then I will call my legislation, my articles of impeachment for a privileged motion,” Boebert told the network. 

In 2021, the congressman attempted to remove Vice President Kamala Harris and Vice President Joe Biden from office over how the administration handled the Afghan conflict and the eventual pullout of US troops. 

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a fellow Republican lawmaker, recently disclosed her own allegations against the president and is also working to have Biden removed from office. 

Both members of Congress called the flow of unauthorised immigrants coming into the US through Mexico a “invasion.” They criticised the procedure of releasing foreign nationals on American territory while their cases were being heard in court and connected the rise in fentanyl overdoses to a perceived lack of border control. 

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On Monday, Republican Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles introduced another motion to impeach the Democratic leader. Ogles alleges that Biden has “weaponized” the executive branch to protect “the business and influence peddling schemes” of his family from public scrutiny.


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