West News Wire: Poland and the Westinghouse Electric Company have agreed to work together on the pre-design of the country’s first nuclear power plant using the American company’s technology. The agreement was inked on Wednesday.

The agreement was signed in Warsaw while President Joe Biden was in Poland by Anna Moskwa, Poland’s minister for the environment and climate, and Mark Brzezinski, the United States’ ambassador to Poland. Energy is essential for the growth of the economy, according to Brzezinski.

The plant’s construction is anticipated to start in 2026, according to Moskwa. In 2032, the facility is anticipated to begin providing Poland’s electrical system.

Poland is making progress in embracing renewable energy, but it still relies roughly 70% on black and brown coal for its energy needs.

The cooperation agreement signed Wednesday involves Poland’s nuclear energy development company, PEJ, Westinghouse Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric Poland.

Additional contracts are expected to be signed later this year, Moskwa said.

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