West News Wire: Activists on social media circulated a video clip of a person verbally and physically assaulting a lady worker in a store in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia.

Activists on social media posted the “camouflaged” harassment video again, which was first published by the Saudi Ministry of Interior on its official Snapchat page.

The media spokesman for the Riyadh police, Major Khaled Al-Kuraides, said: “The security arrested the man who was seen molesting a woman in the commercial store. Initial legal measures were taken against him and was referred to the Public Prosecution.”

In a separate incident, the Saudi Ministry of Interior followed, on Wednesday, a video clip showing a person assaulting and beating a girl in the Tabuk region, where the media spokesman for the Tabuk police, Colonel Khaled Al-Ghabban, said: “The competent authorities in the region’s police were able to identify the person who appeared in a circulating video beating a girl in a public facility in Tabuk, they arrested him, and took the initial legal measures against him, and referred him to the Public Prosecution branch.”






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