West News Wire: While responding to an emergency call, a New York City police cruiser struck and killed a 52-year-old woman in a multi-vehicle accident, according to police.

At 8:30 p.m. on Friday, the collision occurred in Queens’ Far Rockaway neighborhood.

According to officials, the car turned in front of the police SUV, which had its emergency lights on and was about to pass it on the left. A cruiser struck an automobile. According to police, the force of the accident caused the cruiser to be propelled toward a sidewalk, where it struck a cyclist who was standing in a bike lane close to the corner. The police car then struck an empty vehicle.

The woman was declared dead at a hospital; her name has been withheld pending notification of her family. Four officers in the SUV were taken to a hospital with minor injuries, police said. The driver of the car that turned in front of the cruiser was not hurt.

Police said the cruiser was responding to an emergency call by another officer who requested help.

Authorities said Saturday that they they were still investigating the accident.

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