West News Wire: In the most recent act of violence in the occupied West Bank, a Palestinian man was shot and killed. This month, the Israeli army has killed 18 people in the region, including four children.

The 42-year-old Tariq Maali was shot in Ramallah, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, who also noted that he was murdered “after the occupation [Israeli troops] opened fire on him” close to the Palestinian hamlet of Kafr Nama.

An guy was seen running through the gate of the Jewish Sde Efraim farm and was shot by an Israeli as he attempted to move further, according to surveillance camera footage published by the Israeli army.

It added that the man “was neutralised” after attempting to stab an Israeli settler.

The killing follows intensified near-daily Israeli army raids that have persisted for close to a year under the banner of crushing limited Palestinian armed resistance.

On Thursday, Jawad Fareed Bawaqneh, a 57-year-old father of six and teacher at a local school, was killed in the Jenin refugee camp, local journalists told news reporters. Adham Jabareen, a 28-year-old fighter with the Jenin Brigades armed resistance group, was also shot dead.

Fears of a military escalation in the Palestinian land Israel has occupied since the 1967 Six-Day War have grown since the inauguration in December of the most right-wing administration in Israeli history, led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Most of the 18 Palestinians slain this year by Israeli soldiers were shot to death.

The violence this month raises the death toll from last year, when more than 150 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, the highest annual death toll recorded by the UN since it started keeping track in 2005.

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The UN reported that 2022 was the West Bank’s worst year for Palestinians since 2006. Among the 171 Palestinians killed in the area last year were more than 30 children, and 9,000 additional Palestinians were injured.


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