West News Wire: In Islamic calendar, Muharram is the first of twelve months. The 10th day of Muharram is called “Ashura“. It is the day of intense grief and mourning where Muslims from the Shia community gather together in remembrance of Imam Hussain (AS) sign name- and the story of his bravery who died in the battle to save Islam. Now, who is Imam Hussain (AS)?
The laws and doctrine of Islam and teachings were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (AS) sign name. He was the founder of Islam. His daughter is Fatima Zehra (AS) sign name who married Imam Ali (AS) sign name. and they both had four offspring. Two were sons and two were daughters. The second son was Imam Hussain (AS) sign name. He was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (AS) and is a very valuable ruler. “Imam” means spiritual leader who follows and teaches Islam and leads people in prayers. After the prophethood of Muhammad when Islam was revealed, Ali became the first Imam. After him, his first son Hassan sign name became the second Imam. After his death, Hussain became the third Imam. Now, I am telling you the summary of the history.
In 680 AD, Imam Hussain was living in Medinah amongst a huge Muslim community who had faith and fully supported him. People from Kufah wrote many letters to Hussain. In the letters people of Kufah requested him to come and teach them about Islam and the right way of living. Hussain’s friends pleaded him not to go because the Kufa people were not very strong believers and could easily change their loyalty. However, Hussain told them that as long he was the Imam, he should fulfil his duty regardless of the people’s loyalties. With his firm decision, he left Medina for Kufa with his family, relatives and followers, in a caravan. Caliph Yazid sign name living in Damascus, was a tyrant ruler who oppressed the people. Anyone who disagreed with him, was killed immediately.
He ordered a large army and bribed the people of Kufa to join his army. Residents of Kufa who had written letters to Hussain asking for help, changed their minds and joined Yazid’s army. They joined because of their greed for worldly desires. On the first day of month Muharram, in the desert of Karbala Hussain’s troop were blocked by Yazid’s army. Yazid gave Imam Hussain two choices: 1. Hussain will pledge allegiance to Yazid and let Yazid take the power. Then Hussain will be allowed to go free. Plus, Yazid will give him the wealth. Or, 2. Hussain can refuse to give allegiance and be killed in the battle. Hussain was given two options.
Imam Hussain knew that Yazid was a spoilt drunkard who did not follow the rules of Islam. If he pledged allegiance, the value of Islam would be lost as Yazid could change the Islamic rules that will lead to more chaos. Hussain refused to give allegiance. He refused in order to save the doctrine of Islam. Yazid’s army was upset and ordered Hussain and his followers to move away from the river. Hussain accepted and moved further away. Yazid’s army guarded the river and prevented Hussain from drinking the water for 3 days. Hussain’s followers were thirsty and suffering. Hussain’s people consisted of women, children, relatives, friends etc.

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