West News Wire: Russia claims it won’t use the “unreliable” US dollar in its international trade because the US does not guarantee the role the dollar plays on a global scale. 

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, declared on Friday that Moscow will keep advancing closer trade ties with “friendly” nations. 

Lavrov claimed that Moscow will also encourage utilising local currencies owing to the unreliability of the US currency. 

Increasing the use of regional currencies will reduce the proportion of the dollar in Russian commerce, the minister predicted. 

We are obviously not advancing our stance against the US or the West. Not because we want to destroy the dollar. The US no longer guarantees the dollar’s universally accepted status. That’s the problem,” Lavrov told students at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO). 

Russian connections of collaboration would be widened, according to him, with nations that “are ready for it, on the basis of equal rights and the search for a fair balance of interests.” 

Lavrov criticised Western nations earlier this week for talking the talk but doing nothing to safeguard a just balance of interests with other nations. 

According to Lavrov, western nations “use their tongue, while we use our brain, carrying out concrete deeds,” in a Sunday interview with Russian media. He claimed that the BRICS bloc of developing nations had developed into a viable alternative to the G7 and G20 and that its leaders were addressing pressing problems. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed the West over its unfair abuse of the US dollar. Putin has censured the Americans for weaponizing the greenback, using it as a tool in global affairs to mount economic pressure. 

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