West News Wire: Since 1955, McDonald’s hamburgers have been a staple of American cuisine. 

The venerable fast food restaurant is currently proposing major changes, including how they prepare their signature burgers. 

McDonald’s promises softer buns, caramelized patties grilled with white onions on the grill, cheese pieces that melt more, and even an extra-special sauce for their famous Big Mac, McDouble, cheeseburger, and hamburger. 

Even the Hamburgler, according to McDonald’s, is stepping out of retirement to sneak a nibble because of the upgrades. 

According to McDonald’s, the new menu items have already started appearing at eateries along the West Coast.

Staffers agreed the food was indeed “very saucy” and “very cheesy” and one staffer’s young daughter added, “Yeah, very good!” 

The McDonald’s changes are coming at a time when the burger business is heating up and McDonald’s continues to hang on to its market shares amid competition from other popular chains like Shake Shack, In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys. 

Business experts like strategist Kathleen Griffith said these tweaks may help McDonald’s keep up with its rivals. 

“Being that burger that people know, pulling out the original mascots, that sort of strategy is never going to get you into trouble when you work on driving a consistent customer experience. It’s a good recipe,” Griffith said. 

The rolling launch is anticipated to be completed by 2024 and while McDonald’s is not planning to increase prices for these burgers, some individual franchises may update prices. 

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