West News Wire: According to a survey carried out across the European Union, the majority of individuals in European countries believe that the situation is getting worse in their countries. 

According to the findings of the Spring Eurobarometer study released by the European Parliament, a “clear majority” of EU residents believe that the situation in their own country “is heading in the wrong direction.” 

In Slovakia, Greece, and France, where 75%, 74%, and 73% of respondents, respectively, agreed with the negative assessment, the sentiment is particularly strong. 

The high cost of living was another issue raised by EU citizens. 

In comparison, 57% of respondents expressed unhappiness with EU anti-inflation policies, while 65% of respondents stated they are not satisfied with the actions performed by their national government. 

The majority of EU people (52%) predict that their nation’s economic status will deteriorate over the coming year. 

Concern over the continued crisis-related uncertainty was the second most commonly expressed emotion, according to 34% of the respondents. 

However, optimism has overtaken fear as the most common emotion with 37% of respondents, and the percentage of people who are concerned about the economy has also decreased by 8 percentage points since the Winter Eurobarometer. 

The Eurobarometer survey, which tracks public opinion in the EU, is carried out in each of the 27 member states at the request of the European Parliament. 

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