West News Wire: The minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergeĭ Viktorovich Lavrov has said that westerners, especially the United States, have never been honest with the former Soviet Union and have always deceived Kremlin officials, and for the same reason Moscow demanded a written response from the United States during the negotiations two months ago, so that it does not ditch again.

Lavrov while referring to the the European and American pressure on the country to attack Ukraine, said: “How can Iraq, which is thousands of kilometers away from the United States be considered a threat to that country (referring to the occupation of Iraq and the killing of millions of Iraqis),” while at the same time the Ukraine which clings to the borders of our country and the developments that have taken place against us, shall we accept that there is no threat to our national security? It is clear to us that the Americans did not heed our warnings and (after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the commitment not to expand NATO to Russia), it has always been lying to us.

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