West News Wire: When several persons opened fire on a throng celebrating Juneteenth on Sunday outside of Chicago, one person was killed and at least 22 others were injured, according to police. 

“We are aware of 22 individuals who were shot, and one victim who died. The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office released a statement stating that several additional individuals suffered injuries while attempting to flee the scene. 

The deputies were keeping an eye on the gathering, which was taking place in a parking lot in Willowbrook, but they had to leave just after midnight to react to a complaint about a brawl at another site, the sheriff’s office claims. When they heard gunfire, they hastened back to the spot. 

Deputy Chief Eric Swanson told reporters that the motive behind the shooting was unclear. Sheriff’s spokesman Robert Carrol said police were interviewing “persons of interests.” 

300 to 400 people had gathered in the parking lot of a strip mall when the shooting took place, according to local resident Rick Wagner, who spoke to the Daily Herald.  

According to the media, at least five people were murdered and 35 injured in various incidents that occurred on Saturday and Sunday throughout Chicago. In one incident, one of the two teenagers who were shot died.  

In 2021, Juneteenth, which honours the abolition of slavery in the US, was declared a federal holiday. It is observed on June 19. 

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