West News Wire: At least 13 people were killed and 250 injured by a poisonous gas leak on Monday in the port city of Aqaba in southern Jordan, according to authorities.

State-run media outlets carried footage of a crane hoisting a sizable tanker from a truck and dropping it on a ship’s deck, igniting a cloud of yellow smoke and sending dock workers running for cover.

A gas tank allegedly leaked while being transported, according to the Public Security Directorate. The tanker’s contents were not specified.

The directorate reported that after transporting the injured to hospitals, authorities cordoned off the area and dispatched experts to deal with the problem.

State-run Jordan TV said 13 people were killed. Al-Mamlaka TV, another official outlet, said 199 were still being treated in hospitals. The Public Security Directorate said a total of 251 people were injured.

Dr. Jamal Obeidat, a local health official, urged people to stay inside and close windows and doors. The nearest residential area is 25 kilometers (15 miles) away.

Aqaba is on the northern tip of the Red Sea, next to the Israeli city of Eilat, which is just across the border. Both are popular beach and diving destinations.

Eilat’s emergency services said in a statement that there was no impact on the city but that they were following the situation closely.

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