West News Wire: James Buchanan is charged with pitiful leadership throughout the period leading up to the Civil War and with hesitating to oppose the growth of slavery. For rejecting proposals for reconstruction, such as the 14th Amendment, which guaranteed every US citizen freedom and equal protection, and for impeding civil rights for freed slaves, current polls also somewhat dimly view Andrew Johnson, the successor to Abraham Lincoln. 

However, a third individual currently has a solid claim to this unappealing mantle. Joe Biden, the current president, is in charge. Even the most significant changes typically take place in real-time, invisible, and undetected, but in a little over two years as president, Biden has shown the US and the world what spectacular defeats look like. 

Taiwan is the newest example. The little island republic is currently ringed by 71 Chinese fighter fighters, nine destroyers, and an aircraft carrier as it stands out against a predatory China like the Gaulish village of Asterix and Obelix against the Roman Empire. It has the dragon’s actual breath on it. It has never been so confident under a US President. An invasion might occur at any time, and the Pentagon’s war drills have demonstrated that China has an edge over the US in the area. 

A string of international American capitulations has given China encouragement. After spending an estimated $2.3 trillion, US forces essentially left Afghanistan. That exceeds Brazil’s GDP. It placed a helpless populace in the savage Taliban’s hands. 

US forces had to leave Afghanistan. However, the Biden administration made it appear clumsy, disorganized, and terrible. Not what a superpower wants to convey to the rest of the globe. 

Ukraine came after. By promoting a fascist and egotistical Volodymyr Zelenskyy, NATO, led by the US, unnecessarily blamed Russia. Instead of agreeing to NATO planes and armaments on Ukraine’s border, Putin replied by invading the country. 

Biden has succeeded in bringing Putin far closer to Xi Jinping than he otherwise would have been through this proxy war against Russia (which is becoming more direct and expensive for the US). China and Russia are not natural allies due to their shared long border and turbulent past. They were almost given a dating app by the US under Biden. 

Following that, Biden started to lose supporters in Europe, Asia, and even Africa. When MBS declined to join a call with Biden about Russian oil, the US’ longtime ally Saudi Arabia turned its back on Washington. MBS then assisted Putin in reducing oil production. Germany rejected the US demand that the Chinese telecom firm Huawei be prohibited, and it rejected Ukraine’s requests for tanks and a halt to its purchases of Russian oil. 

Currently visiting China, French President Emmanuel Macron has encouraged Europe to lessen its reliance on the United States and to avoid becoming its followers. Israel, one of the United States’ most dependable allies, has also rebelled. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu respectfully requested it to stop tweeting about its remarks regarding the current opposition protests on Twitter. 

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During Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Zambia, several Zambians including Opposition leaders openly criticized the US for trying to teach democratic norms in Africa. “The killers of Patrice Lumumba, those who toppled Kwame Nkrumah, those who killed Nasser, those who killed Muammar Gaddafi, today are coming to teach us about democracy,” claimed Fred M’membe, president of the Socialist Party of Zambia, in Beijing. 

India has long assured the US that it won’t sever its decades-long ties with Russia or stop purchasing Russian oil and weapons. The Modi administration has repeatedly requested that America refrain from preaching about commerce or the purported religious freedom that organizations with political agendas like USCIRF frequently promote. US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s stance for Muslims in India, and Palestine has further muddied waters. 

The US currency is facing a sustained international competition for the first time. The BRICS are considering their own money. Only rubles are used in Russian trade. For the first time, Saudi Arabia is ready to transact in currencies other than the dollar. The first liquefied natural gas agreement ever completed with the use of the renminbi yuan was between Chinese and French energy companies. 

And one big one is the surprise accord between Iran and Saudi Arabia to reestablish diplomatic ties provides much for the United States. However, it has a component that will undoubtedly cause great unease among Washington officials: China’s role as a peace broker in a region where the US has long exercised influence.

The UAE was a party to the arrangement. China and Brazil have agreed to conduct direct trade in their respective currencies. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India permitted the opening of unique Vostro Rupee Accounts by central banks from 18 other nations in order to settle payments in Indian rupees. 

America has started exporting wokeness to the rest of the globe, finally overshadowing Disney, Levis, Coke, and Hollywood or rather riding on some of its best cultural exports. Under Biden’s leadership, a segment of Democrats developed and disseminated a preachy, revolting, and intolerable political correctness that has not been well accepted abroad. It highlights the futile culture wars and ideological stalemate in America. Little else has been said about it besides fury and derision. 

All of this put together has gravely undermined American geopolitical hegemony and rocked its position in the intellectual community. It appears as though a frail, drowsy elderly person has given the keys to the Deep State hyenas in the backseat. 

One is unsure of the destination the American wagon will reach as it moves quickly. 

And that makes Joe Biden undoubtedly the worst American President ever. 


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