West News Wire: A year ago, Broadside Books – an imprint of Harper Collins that specializes in conservative non-fiction writing, announced that it would release a book by Jared Kushner – son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump, which will provide the definitive and comprehensive account of events related to the Trump administration and the truth of what happened behind closed doors.

Broadside Books, announced Kushner’s book will come out in early 2022, and described the book as decisive.

Although the book has not been released yet, one of the colleagues of the Al-Jazeera in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is a senior official in the ministry, commonly known as Abu Muhammad, was able to obtain the complete file of the book.

Below, is the leaked detail of Jared Kushner’s book:

Jared Kushner chose the title “Breaking History” for his book, which contains 59 chapters, in which Kushner talks about his personal life and political experience.

From chapter one to chapter four, Kushner recounts his personal life and tells the story of his family who escaped the Holocaust and traveled to America.

From Chapter 4 to Chapter 59, he talks about his political experience, starting with Trump’s decision to participate in the presidential elections and ending with the end of his presidency.

He also writes about the Middle East, Iran, the Iran nuclear deal, and the fight against the Islamic State.

The title of Chapter 11 is “From Rome to Riyadh,” in which Kushner talks about Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

He also talks about the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and negotiations with Bin Salman to reduce oil production.

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Kushner also refers to the issues of negotiations with the authorities in some Arab countries in order to conclude the Abraham Accords with Israel.

In the last chapter of the book, Kushner describes the final moments of Donald Trump’s presence and administration in the White House, and Trump’s message to Biden.

Kushner is more loyal to Israel than to America

Since Kushner is a follower of Judaism, he is considered as the lead architect of the American peace plan in the Middle East known as the Deal of the Century, he elaborates on Israel and Abraham Accords in his book.

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump told associates that his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is being more loyal to Israel than America.

This came in the book “Peril” by authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, excerpts of which were published on the website Business Insider.

It is worth noting that Abu Muhammad also has information about the secret negotiations that took place between Kushner, Ivanka Trump and the Saudis, during their visit to Saudi Arabia.

He also has the classified information about Kushner’s attempts to persuade Saudi Arabia and the UAE to join the deal of the century.

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