West News Wire: In the midst of the regime’s genocide, Israeli war planes attacked a mosque in the Sabra neighborhood in the middle of the Gaza Strip, resulting in at least 50 deaths and numerous injuries. 

The attack occurred on Wednesday night during prayers, when there were many worshippers inside the mosque, according to sources. 

At least one child was killed in another Israeli raid on cellphone towers in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. 

For their safety, Israel has urged Palestinians living in northern Gaza to relocate to the southern part of the territory; nevertheless, Palestinians claim that Israel bombs everywhere and that they are no longer secure. 

So far, at least 11,500 Palestinians, including 4,710 children and 3,160 women, have been killed, and around 32,000 others wounded since October 7, when the regime started bringing the blockaded coastal territory. 

Also on Wednesday, head of the Orthopedic Department at al-Shifa, Gaza’s biggest hospital, which was raided by the Israeli forces on Wednesday, said Israeli bulldozers and tanks invaded the facility, and demolished parts of the premises. 

Earlier, Ahmed al-Makhalati, head of the Burns Unit at al-Shifa, also announced that bulldozers had made their way into the hospital through its southern entrance, saying they had started excavating parts of the facility and destroying vehicles. 

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Administration’s Information Office, the occupation forces opened fire at anyone, who could try to leave the hospital, saying the facility had turned into a “real graveyard.” 

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Speaking to Qatar’s Al Jazeera television network, Khaled Abu Samra, one of the hospital’s doctors, said the facility’s water reservoir had been depleted. The physician also refuted claims that the Israeli army had provided medical aid to the facility. 

“Moving between the buildings of al-Shifa Complex is very dangerous and may lead to loss of life of whoever tries to do so,” he said. 

The Israeli regime has alleged that the hospital houses a “command center” belonging to Hamas, a charge strongly denied by the Palestinian resistance group. 

Hamas has called on the United Nations to form an investigative team in order to debunk Tel Aviv’s allegations concerning the hospital. 


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