West News Wire: According to Newsweek, Iranian diplomats have cautioned that US military action against their nation runs the risk of sparking a full-scale conflict. The remarks come amid rumors that Washington may have assisted in a recent drone strike on an Iranian military facility.

The Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN told Newsweek on Monday that any deployment of the military option would result in US involvement in the conflict. The statement said Iran currently views such a prospect as “weak.” However, it went on to say that if “the US miscalculates and begins a conflict,” Washington would be responsible for the dire consequences for the region and the rest of the globe.

The comments came after an attack on an Iranian Defense Ministry facility in the central city of Isfahan on Saturday night. Several news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post, reported that Israel had launched the strike from within Iran. The attack allegedly involved three small drones carrying explosive charges.

Israel typically neither confirms nor denies claims of operations against Iran, although it is suspected of staging a number of sabotage attacks and assassinations of Iranian officials and scientists.

There was initial speculation in the Arab media that the explosions in Isfahan were the result of a US Air Force operation. Pentagon spokesperson Patrick Ryder later stated that no American forces were involved in the strike, but declined to comment further.

In contrast to reports of a great success published by the Jerusalem Post, Iranian officials refused to place blame on any party and asserted that the attack had only slightly damaged the building’s roof.

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U.S. relieved China appears to paying attention Russia's warnings

A representative of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky hinted that his nation might be engaged in the incident. Kiev has accused Iran of giving Russia lingering ammunition for its military incursion in Ukraine, a claim that both Moscow and Tehran have refuted.

Mikhail Podoliak tweeted that Iran had been “warned” and that “war logic is inexorable and terrible.” The Zelensky aide had previously lobbied for assaults on Iran because of its alleged support for Russia. In response to Podoliak’s comments, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Kiev’s charge d’affaires.


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