West News Wire: In a press briefing on Monday, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan asserted that Iran is “preparing to provide Russia” with hundreds of drones, some of which have been militarized. He gave the impression that the unmanned aircraft were intended to replace the ones lost by Russia in Ukraine.

Sullivan mentioned that the delivery is to be completed “on an expedited timeline,” which may have already resulted in the delivery of some of the drones. He added that this month, Russian operators will be trained on how to fly the unmanned aircraft.

The US official referred to the information as “pretty newsworthy and noteworthy,” but he provided no supporting information or explanations for how the US came to that conclusion. Additionally, he took advantage of the occasion to reiterate US allegations that Iran had utilized its drone capabilities to attack Saudi Arabia “before we got the ceasefire in Yemen.”

Sullivan was referring to the seven-year long military intervention by Riyadh and its allies against Houthi. The action, which was supported by the US, and the Saudi blockade of Yemen resulted in a large-scale humanitarian disaster.

The Houthi carried out several drone and missile attacks against Saudi targets, which the US blamed on Iran. The latest ceasefire in Yemen was brokered in April and extended for two more months in early June.

The administration of President Joe Biden took credit for the truce, stating that its new approach to Saudi Arabia was bearing fruit. Sullivan cited the accord as an achievement as he defended Biden’s upcoming visit to Riyadh, which was organized despite his campaign promise to make the monarchy a “pariah.”

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The US national security adviser claimed that Iran was using drones while expressing confidence in the ability of Ukraine to “effectively defend and sustain its capital,” Kiev, from Russia with US assistance.

Although Ukrainian forces are reportedly planning a massive counteroffensive in the south with as many as one million troops deployed for the mission, they are reportedly losing ground in the east.

The US claims were not immediately addressed by Moscow or Tehran. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is scheduled to travel to Iran the following week, where he will meet with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, and Ebrahim Raisi, the president of Iran.


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