West News Wire: In Baltimore, Maryland one of the most violent cities in US a mass shooting at an outdoor party left at least two people dead and 28 more injured. 

Hundreds of people had gathered for a private block party in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood on Baltimore’s south side when gunfire broke out just after midnight on Sunday, according to police. A 20-year-old man passed away after being transferred to a nearby hospital, while an 18-year-old woman was discovered dead at the scene. 

As of Sunday morning, three of the injured individuals were in critical condition. According to reports, the pediatric emergency department at the University of Maryland Medical Centre treated at least four patients, all of whom seemed to be minors. 

According to authorities, the unnamed criminals are still at large. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said in a statement that “this investigation is ongoing and we will not rest until the people responsible are held accountable.” He referred to the shooting as a “cowardly, violent act” and vowed to keep going after anyone who have illegal firearms on the city’s streets. 

Baltimore, which is located roughly 40 miles from the nation’s capital, already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, including new regulations that Maryland Governor Wes Moore signed into law in May. Only New Orleans and St. Louis had greater murder rates than Baltimore in 2022 among major US cities. Over 300 killings have occurred in the city every year for the last eight, and authorities issued a warning in April that violence involving teenagers is on the rise. 

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There have been 338 mass shootings in the US so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archives, which defines such incidents as those in which four or more people are injured or killed by gunfire. About the same time that the Baltimore shooting occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, seven people were shot and wounded at a nightclub in Wichita, Kansas. Two other victims were injured from being trampled as club goers fled the gunfire. 


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