West News Wire: Emergency personnel reported that two persons were missing and a man was found dead on Saturday after heavy flooding hit the Greek island of Crete as a result of excessive rain.

The victim, a guy in his fifties, was stuck in his car as rain started to pour on the renowned tourist spot in southern Greece.

In beach villages, where streets have turned into rivers and are sweeping away everything in their path, local media reported serious devastation.

Rescue efforts are still required for at least nine submerged vehicles. As the severity of the issue became apparent on Friday morning, the emergency services got over 450 calls in a single hour.

Eight tourists and a security guard were also stranded at the Archaeological Museum in the coastal resort town of Sitia.

Scientists say human-induced climate change is amplifying extreme weather, including the floods, heatwaves and droughts seen in several parts of the planet, and say these events will become more frequent and more intense.

A senior official for the Heraklion region, Nikos Syrigonakis, urged residents to limit their movements.

“This is a difficult day,” he added.

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