West News Wire: According to a captain in the US Air Force, a UFO attack purportedly destroyed weaponry on a nuclear missile station he was working on more than 50 years ago. The Air Force Captain said that the incident was kept secret from the public in a statement to National Geographic.  

Retired US Air Force captain Robert Salas shared his story of the incident where his nuclear missile site was supposedly “attacked by a UFO,” saying that it occurred more over 50 years ago, specifically on March 24, 1967. 

He asserts that the base had ten nuclear missiles at that time. 

The close encounter reportedly left the guards on duty “frightened,” “screaming,” and “babbling.” 

In an interview with National Geographic for its UFO series, Salas alleged that the US government hid the incident. 

According to Express UK, the former Air Force Captain and his team were overseeing a Malmstrom base in Montana when they noticed eight orange-colored lights over the base.  

He remembers, “I get a call from the head guard upstairs sometime in the nighttime hours. He informs me that the facility is being illuminated by unusual lights.  

Express UK reported that he admitted to initially brushing off the incident, stating, “I kind of discounted it. Even so, I remarked, “You mean like UFOs?” He calls back a few minutes later while yelling. 

The situation became alarming, and that led Salas to believe they were under attack. 

“When I put the phone down, I believed we were being attacked. We had bells and whistles going off in our control room, but I had no notion by who or what. The missiles were not operational as we could see the lights turning from green to red everywhere. 

He asserts that despite the probable compromise of a sizeable section of the US nuclear arsenal, no inquiry was carried out and that he and his colleagues officers were forced to sign documents oaths of silence. 

Salas claims that a UFO investigation was first opened into the occurrence. The US Air Force ended its UFO inquiry three years after the terrifying encounter, claiming that no documented sightings had ever presented a threat. 


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