West News Wire: The Biden administration rejected work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries in Georgia on Thursday, the final state to have a federal exemption for such limitations, as it continued to pull back a key Trump administration health policy.

The news was delivered in a 79-page letter to Georgia’s health agency by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which also rejected a federal exception that allowed the state to collect premiums for a health insurance programme for the poor.

As the coronavirus epidemic worsened and the Omicron strain emerged, the Medicaid agency claimed Georgia’s need for employment was “feasible under current conditions.”

According to a statement from the Medicaid administration, “Georgia’s employment restrictions considerably undermine the state’s performance in promoting coverage for targeted users.” “The COVID-19 infection’s long-term health implications increase the elimination of these coverage obstacles for low-income persons.”

The decision also fell in line with President Biden’s larger policy goals a significant blow to an already unsuccessful attempt to add work requirements to Medicaid. The movement of more than a dozen states managed to enact the work requirements in only a short time and only for a short time as it faced court setbacks, a pandemic and a new administration that had The initiative has been scrapped.

Georgia had not yet implemented the proposed work requirement which limit Medicaid eligibility to those who work at least 80 hours a month but it will, according to correspondence between state and federal health agencies. The ban could start at the beginning of the week

The premiums proposed by Georgia were also not enacted. The Medicaid agency said it was revoking the right to charge premiums because those charges could “present a barrier to coverage” and worsen health care inequality.

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