West News Wire: With a bang, Florence Pugh debuted on the runway.

On Thursday, the actress began Harris Reed’s Autumn 2023 presentation wearing a glittering harlequin dress with a black corset and a massive halo-like headpiece.

She spoke a strong monologue Reed had written as she walked the runway.

Pugh said, “Whether for an actress or just a performer on the stage of life, clothing has a transformational effect.

In an often judgmental environment, “the art of dressing up allows us to express who we truly are, creating a safe zone to inhabit,” Pugh concluded. “Our attire can alter both the way we wish to be perceived and the person we are born to be. I encourage you to enjoy life’s lamé and sequins because ‘All the world’s a stage.'”

Reed expressed his gratitude for Pugh in an Instagram post saying, “There are truly no words to express my gratitude to you @florencepugh for opening a show and saying the words i have been shouting into the void ever since i can remember about how important dressing up and clothing can be in one’s journey.”

Held at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in London, Reed’s latest collection is inspired by Williams Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”

In addition to Pugh’s captivating ensemble, other models wore gilded looks with rich pops of gold, silver and metallics.

There were also several other unique hats and headpieces seen throughout the show.

In another Instagram post, the fashion designer shared a fun fact: All the gold lamé in the collection was sourced from old theater curtains.

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