West News Wire: Eric Clapton, a vocal opponent of coronavirus vaccines and pandemic restrictions, has tested positive with COVID-19 and cancelled two European shows.

Clapton confirmed on his Facebook page and official website that his upcoming gigs in Zurich on Tuesday and Milan on Wednesday will be rescheduled. The 77-year-old rocker tested positive on May 8 after performing at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

“Eric is also concerned about infecting any members of his band, crew, promoters, their personnel, and, of course, the fans,” the statement continues. He plans to resume the tour on May 20, beginning with two shows in Bologna.

“It is very frustrating that having avoided COVID throughout lockdown and throughout the period when travel restrictions have been in place Eric should have succumbed to COVID at this point in time,” the statement reads.

Clapton has expressed skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccine in the past. In 2020, he and Van Morrison released an anti-lockdown song titled “Stand and Deliver” featuring the lyrics: “Do you want to be a free man, or do you want to be a slave?” He also lashed out a year later with the song “This Has Gotta Stop.”

Clapton got both AstraZeneca vaccine shots against the virus but said he had “severe reactions” and feared he’d never play again. The CDC says clinical trials have found the vaccine is safe.

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