West News Wire: Former Game of Thrones star wants to travel more “anytime, anywhere” because the coronavirus pandemic wanted to take advantage of the easy transportation links provided by his hometown of London in the years before the blockade. I admitted that I thought. And restrictions.

When asked what she wanted to achieve next year, she said, “I want to do the work I planned. I’m going to finish ’Seagulls’ next summer, and two postponed movies.

“I also want to travel anytime, anywhere. Living in London allowed me to take the train to Paris. But I have never done it. No one has done it now. , I want to do it, above all.

“I want to call someone and say,’Are you free this weekend? Would you like to book a £ 10 flight to Croatia?’ It’s grabbed the moment when you feel it’s impossible right now. So why didn’t we do it more before ?! “

The 34-year-old was excited when the hospitality facility began to reopen earlier this year. If she could see her companion, she didn’t even care about getting wet in the rain.

Emilia always finds yoga and meditation time twice a day to stay “calm”. Same routine in the morning, same routine in the evening.

“Now it sounds like at *****, but I’m doing yoga and meditation. I meditate for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. In the morning, I do my traditional yoga routine. I’m doing it forever, but it’s not particularly technical. I’m not doing crows, but I need to stretch. It’s because I help breathe, not sweat. It makes me Calm down. she said.

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“I’m too mobile, so I have to stretch. I’m sleeping in a tight fetal position, so I have to stretch my arms, neck, and hips when I wake up. In the evening, Epsom salt. “


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