West News Wire: In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, a bombing that occurred during a Protestant church service left at least 15 people injured and five people dead (DRC).

The attack on the Sunday service in Kasindi, which is near the Ugandan border, was likely carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed organization in Uganda that has sworn allegiance to ISIL, according to an army official (ISIS).

Anthony Mualushay informed the Reuters news agency that “despite the security measures put in place, the preliminary indications show that the ADF is behind this explosives attempt.”

“I just came back from the scene, where I saw the bodies of children on the ground,” Alain Kitsa, a Kasindi resident, said, describing the atmosphere in the town as tense.

The ADF, which began as an uprising in Uganda but has been based in the DRC since the late 1990s, has not claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Kasindi is in a province where Congolese and Ugandan forces have launched a campaign against the ADF.

It pledged allegiance to ISIL in mid-2019 and is accused of killing hundreds of villagers in frequent raids over the past two years.

More than 120 armed groups roam mineral-rich eastern DRC, many are the legacy of regional wars that flared at the turn of the century.

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