West News Wire: Hiccups, so annoying, right? There’s nothing more aggravating than getting repeatedly interrupted by yourself in the middle of a conversation. And they’re hard to hide, and never seem to go away just super awkward and uncomfortable in any social situation! Is there anything we can do besides just wait for the hiccups to release their grip?? What even causes this irritating bodily function?  

Well, hiccups start in your diaphragm you know, that sheet of muscle between your lungs and stomach that makes you inhale and exhale. If your diaphragm gets irritated, it’ll spasm, causing you to unexpectedly suck in air. The air that’s sent back up hits your vocal cords, and that’s what creates the distinctive sound. So, then what’s so irritating? For me, it’s Loud obnoxious self-absorbed people. Well, eating too much too quickly, your favorite soda, feeling nervous or excited, and even stress. Luckily, there are some natural remedies you can use to kick those annoying hiccups to the curb, and some will even work in a pinch! Getting rid of the hiccups is all about distracting the brain to stop those spasms in the diaphragm.  

  1. Ice Cold Water; Guzzle down a cold glass of water as quickly as you can. The cold water will shock the system and “distract” it from the hiccups. You can even suck down a piece or two of ice it’ll have the same effect. Pro tip: adding honey to your icy glass of water will stop your hiccups right away!
  2. Hold Your Breath Inhale deeply, and hold your breath for as long as you can. Exhale in a controlled way. Repeat this cycle until your hiccups stop. This is a great tip to use if you’re out with friends or on a dinner date just excuse yourself to the restroom and return to the table hiccup-free!
  3. Sugar; Get a teaspoon of white or brown sugar and hold it in your mouth for about five seconds. Allow the sugar to dissolve without chewing it. Wash it down with a sip of water and voila! The great thing about this remedy is that it’s kid-friendly; they may not be able to hold their breath or chug icy water. And what kid doesn’t want sugar?!
  4. Vinegar; It may not taste as pleasant as sugar, but it’ll do the trick! Swallow ½ a teaspoon of white, malt, or apple cider vinegar. Wash it down with a glass of water. You could also mix a whole teaspoon of your vinegar with a little water. Might make it go down easier!
  5. Peanut Butter; Put one teaspoon of peanut butter in your mouth and hold it there. I know it’s tempting, but don’t chew it! After a few seconds, swallow it. Got milk? If you need to, drink some water. Pro tip: if you have a peanut allergy, almond butter will work too!
  6. Lemon; This is another quick fix that’s perfect if you’re out on the town! Grab a lemon from the table. Squeeze the lemon juice into your mouth (at least ½ a teaspoon). The sourness will make you want to swallow it hard and quickly, and this will interrupt and stop your hiccups! You can also squeeze the juice of the whole lemon into half a glass of water, and drink it quickly. Either way, your hiccups will hit the road!
  7. Chamomile; This is an herb with muscle-relaxing properties, so it will relax the diaphragm and stop the spasms that are causing your hiccups. The deep relaxation that chamomile causes is why it’s so popular in teas and essential oils! It’s yummy too, so make yourself a hot cup of chamomile tea! Let the tea bag steep in the hot water for at least 5 minutes. Drink it slowly, and your hiccups will go away! Enjoy the relaxation too!
  8. Pinch Your Nose and Swallow; This method may not be the quickest fix, but it’ll work! Keep your mouth closed and pinch your nose. Continue to swallow normally. Do this as long as you can, until you need to take a break for air. You may feel the sensation that your ears are about to pop, but they shouldn’t. This interrupts your normal breathing pattern, so it should interrupt your hiccups too!
  9. Cough or Burp choose your weapon wisely! Try to count how many seconds there are between your hiccups. When you anticipate the next one, cough or make yourself burp. This will cause your diaphragm and the muscles around it to start working in a different way, which will interrupt your hiccup pattern! Repeat until your hiccups are gone.
  10. Swallow with Your Mouth Open; The sensation will feel weird at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly. Sit down and get comfortable, and also be sure that you aren’t wearing any tight clothes that might restrict your diaphragm. Open your mouth wide. As soon as you feel the need to swallow, do so, but make sure to keep your mouth open! You may have a hiccup or two escape, but repeat every few seconds, and your hiccups will disappear in a few minutes!
  11. Scare Those Hiccups Away; Does this old wives’ tale work? Well, in theory it does, but the scare must be genuine you can’t know it’s coming! When you get startled and jump, the release of adrenaline and your body tensing up both affect the diaphragm, which will interrupt your breathing pattern. Similarly, your sharp intake of breath as you gasp will interrupt your breathing pattern too, and in turn, your hiccups! I’m sure you’ve got a friend or two who would love to give you a good scare!
  1. Swallowing Three Times; See how much time you have between hiccups. When you’re ready, try to quickly swallow three times in between them. This takes a lot of muscle control in your throat and abdomen, and it may be difficult at first, but it’ll pay off! The muscle control that’s required to do this little exercise gets your diaphragm back under control, which will stop your hiccups!
  2. Take a Hot Bath; Run yourself a nice, warm bath heat is a good way to relax any muscle, including the diaphragm! Pro tip: Add a muscle soak to your bath, and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to promote deep, relaxing breathing. Sounds groovy! By the end of your luxurious bath, your hiccups should be gone.
  3. Breathe Essential Oils; Speaking of essential oils, add some drops of eucalyptus, bergamot, or lavender to your diffuser and breathe deeply. You can also use incense, if you prefer. These scents will have a calming effect, and should relax your diaphragm and restore your normal breathing pattern, and your hiccups will leave to go find their own bliss!
  4. Warm Milk; Love it or hate it, warm milk has a calming effect as good as any essential oil, which is why it’s associated with good sleep for children. Milk also contains magnesium, which is known to relax muscle tissue. This warm drink will relax your diaphragm and the rest of your body, and your hiccups should subside.
  5. Stand on Your Head; Wait, what?? Seriously? Yes! If you can, and only if you’re well-practiced, standing on your head turns the diaphragm upside down, shocking it out of spasms. It’s also a good distraction for you that’ll completely change up your breathing, which is good for interrupting that hiccup pattern! You probably shouldn’t do this one in public though.
  6. Stick Your Tongue Out Hard! Yep, that’s another non-public one… Sticking your tongue out as far as it will possibly go will work a nerve that’s connected to your diaphragm. Stimulating this nerve will get your diaphragm’s spasms under control, stopping your hiccups in their tracks! If you’re lucky enough to find someone else with the hiccups, then maybe you both can have a contest.
  7. Distract Yourself; This may not be the quickest fix, but it’ll work even before you realize it! The more you think about your hiccups, the more intense they seem to get, and the longer they seem to stick around. So, try reading a book, watch your favorite TV show, play a video game before you know it, a couple hours will have gone by and you’ll notice that your hiccups have gone away along with the time! This method is all about putting you in relaxation or “happy place” mode. If you’re doing something you enjoy, your diaphragm will relax and stop spasming.
  8. Hot Sauce; While consuming a lot of spicy food can cause hiccups, swallowing just a drop or two of hot sauce will totally distract the body from your hiccups. Though it might be unpleasant the heat will certainly change up your breathing pattern, and your body will be busy doing some serious temperature control. You and your diaphragm will forget all about your hiccups! 


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