West News Wire: The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, talked about economic challenges in the US at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City. A government managed, centralized digital currency would have an impact on inhabitants and provide them additional ways to “exercise their agenda,” he added, adding that he would not want that to happen.

DeSantis stated that in order to shield Floridians from economic or financial snooping, the state of Florida would be asking the legislature to specifically restrict the use of centralized bank digital currencies in the state’s commercial code.

According to what we’ve learned, they will use all means at their disposal to advance their objective in society, according to DeSantis. “So what the central bank digital currency is about it surveilling Americans and controlling behavior of Americans.”

He said this was known due to examples such as in other countries. DeSantis said centralized digital currency was a way to implement more control over the populace, referencing the way such system, according to the governor, operates in China, Nigeria, and the Bahamas as examples.

“I don’t even need to think here, what are they gonna do? These ESG factors, you go and buy gasoline, if you bought too much gasoline, they just won’t allow you to use this to make a transaction,” DeSantis said. “Who knows whether they would let you buy a firearm or things they disapprove of, so you’re opening up a can of worms and handing a central bank huge amounts of power.”

DeSantis said giving the bank more control would allow them to use their power to implement an agenda, saying that federal action had skipped approval of CoAs far as DeSantis’ speculation on the impacts of a centralized currency in the U.S., he did not cite any sources for his concerns, instead alleging the moves would happen due to political motives in a “politically connected” central bank.

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Turning to the plan to block the centralized currency, conceptually, DeSantis called on other states to join him in the strategy.

The governor introduced other speakers, who discussed pushing back on using monetary policy to discriminate what DeSantis has referred to as marginalized groups, mentioning political and religious affiliations.

When the governor returned to the podium, he said the financial agendas or policies such as environmental, social, and governance considerations were being used because they would “not win at the ballot box.”

DeSantis said the DA in Manhattan had made policy decisions that reduced arrests and penalties, and that while he couldn’t speak to the Trump situation specifically, the prosecutor was “ignoring crimes happening every single day” and that going back years in the past to “use porn star hush money” to indict someone was wrong, and political in nature. He said the real victims were ordinary New Yorkers and Americans, harmed by “reckless political agendas” from “Soros-funded DAs.”


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