West News Wire: Millions of people in the South are sweating in a grueling heat wave, and more records are anticipated to be smashed this week as countries throughout the world deal with rising temperatures. 

The National Weather Service predicted “record-breaking heat” in sections of the United States, including the Four Corners states, as well as Texas, the lower Mississippi Valley, and South Florida. 

The United States is far from alone in confronting the possibility of severe heat, with countries all over the world, including Europe and Asia, experiencing huge heat waves that threaten to break records. The western Chinese region of Xinjiang experienced the country’s highest-ever temperature. 

According to the National Weather Service, Death Valley in California recorded the warmest temperature in the United States today at 126 degrees. 

In Peter Sinks, Utah, it was 33 degrees at the coldest point of the day. According to NBC affiliate KSL of Salt Lake City, the region is notorious for its frigid temperatures because it is a bowl with no opening for cold air to escape. 

Death Valley is renowned for its heat, although the temperature there isn’t always the highest. 

According to the meteorological service, Baker, California, recorded the highest temperature on Sunday at 129 degrees. 

There won’t be any relief any time soon for the millions of Americans who are suffering from a scorching heat wave. Southwest high temperatures will persist into the following week, according to the National Weather Service. 

More than 70 million people in the U.S. remain under heat alerts this afternoon from California to South Florida. The prolonged heat wave in the Southwest will continue through the week, with widespread temperatures in the triple digits throughout the region, according to the National Weather Service. 

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Heat will build along the Gulf Coast and in South Florida this week, with humidity causing heat index values or what conditions “feel like” when humidity and air temperatures are combined to reach up to 115 degrees in some places. 

Conditions are also expected to stay hotter than usual overnight, according to the weather service. 


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