West News Wire: King Consort The title change that will be given to Camilla appears to go against the desires of Queen Elizabeth II, her late mother-in-law. Following King Charles III’s coronation in May, this title change is anticipated.

After her affair with Charles was made public, Camilla faced intense backlash and never received the title of Princess of Wales. She made it clear she wanted to be Charles’ “Princess Consort” when he became king when they got married. Since then, Camilla’s popularity has increased.

Prior to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in September, Camilla, formerly Camilla Parker-Bowles, was known as the Duchess of Cornwall. She has been married to King Charles since 2005. When Charles became king, Camilla was given the title of Queen Consort.

However, this new change in title seems to go against the late queen’s wishes for Camilla. In a letter written in February 2022, Queen Elizabeth II stated that she supported calling Camilla “Queen Consort”. This announcement was a surprise to many, as it went against what was previously believed to be the Queen’s wishes.

The letter, which was written from Sandringham House, also included remarks on the progress made during her reign and gratitude to her subjects. However, near the end of the letter, the queen dropped the bombshell announcement about Camilla’s title change.

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