West News Wire: In the early hours of Sunday morning, a bus carrying 47 people to COVID-19 quarantine in southwest China reportedly collapsed, killing 27 people and wounding another 20.

According to a succinct statement from the Sandu county police, the bus overturned on a motorway in Guizhou province without citing any connection to quarantine. It stated that the injured were receiving care.

\The passengers were “pandemic-related people,” according to Sandu officials, who verified this to the Chinese business news site Caixin. They were being transported from Guiyang, the province capital, to Lido county, which is located about 200 kilometers (125 miles) to the southeast.

Guiyang reported roughly 180 additional cases on Friday. In an effort to stop the disease from spreading, China has maintained a rigorous “zero-COVID” policy that isolates sick individuals and their close contacts.

The bus overturned about 2:40 a.m., according to an online report by an arm of the Guizhou Daily media group. Following the accident, it said that provincial leaders called for an examination into the pandemic transfer and isolation procedures.

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