West News Wire: The issue surrounding alleged bullying at the Ministry of Justice, which he oversaw as secretary, and in other government agencies has led to the resignation of Dominic Raab, the British Deputy Prime Minister. 

On Friday, the Tory MP handed the resignation letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. He cited an investigation into the situation by renowned employment lawyer Adam Tolley in support of his choice, as well as a previous commitment to resign should the probe reveal “any finding of bullying whatsoever.” 

Raab said that all but two of the complaints made against him were dropped by the investigation. According to media accounts, the Tory heavyweight was charged of insulting employees, prompting some to cry, or making others throw up before to meetings. He denied doing anything wrong. 

The findings by Tolley were “flawed” and “set a dangerous precedent” for the operation of the government by placing “the threshold for bullying” too low, Raab argued in his letter. 

“Ministers must be able to exercise direct oversight with respect to senior officials over critical negotiations conducted on behalf of the British people,” he wrote. They must also be able “to give direct critical feedback on briefings and submissions to senior officials, in order to set standards and drive the reform the public expects from us.” 

Raab apologized for “any unintended stress or offense” his subordinates may have felt during interactions with him. Sunak will continue to have his support as the prime minister, he assured. 

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