West News Wire: Following Christine Lambrecht’s resignation, Der Spiegel reports that Lower Saxony’s interior minister Boris Pistorius will take over as Germany’s new defense minister. She resigned from her position as president on Monday after receiving numerous criticisms for being unqualified for the job.

The media organization didn’t explain how it came to this assumption in its piece on Tuesday. The report merely mentions that the minister has long harbored political aspirations at the federal level. For instance, Pistorius, a member of the Social Democratic Party, ran for the position of party chairman in 2019.

He has served as Lower Saxony’s interior minister since 2013. According to Der Spiegel, the 62-year-old ranks among the region’s most popular ministers, in part for his straightforward way of speaking. He is also described as one who won’t shun confrontation with political opponents but also with fellow SPD members, if necessary.

During his time as Lower Saxony’s interior minister, Pistorius has also reportedly managed to establish good working relations with security officials.

If his candidacy is confirmed, gender balance in the German cabinet something Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sought to maintain so far will be altered, Der Spiegel noted.

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Christine Lambrecht, the German defense minister to resign: Media


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