West News Wire: The police station in Mayfield was damaged, and firefighters’ equipment was damaged, making the situation extremely difficult for the authorities.

US President Joe Biden said he was praying for people who had lost loved ones or were unsure about them.

He stated, “The federal government would do everything it can to assist.” “We’re going to work together to get through this.”

Power and water are also off for tens of thousands of people in the state. Tornadoes wreaked devastation in other states, killing at least 12 people, including six at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois.

If the other impacted states – Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Mississippi – needed it, he said, emergency funding were available.

Kentucky Governor Beshear has declared a state of emergency. Mayfield, he added, was decimated, as was the rest of the tornado’s 227-mile (365-km) route, which was almost entirely in Kentucky.

“It’s indescribable,” he remarked, “unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” “You see bits of industrial structures, rooftops, perhaps tree sightings if trees are lucky enough to survive.”

“Huge metal poles that have been bent in half, if not completely shattered, buildings that have been demolished, and massive trucks that have been scooped up and tossed. And, regrettably, far too many people’s homes were likely completely destroyed.”

He went on to say, “There are a lot of families who need your prayers.”

Deaths had been reported in various counties, but the governor warned that the death toll at the Mayfield factory could be higher than any tornado occurrence in a single area in state history.

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Mr. Beshear described the plant as being in a “really catastrophic state,” with the difficulty of digging inside the fallen structure worsened by drums spilling caustic liquid.

Other accidents in Kentucky included a railroad derailment in Hopkins County due to high winds.

Two children were reported missing after a tornado, but were later located in a bathtub that had been dragged outdoors by the tornado, according to local officials.


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