West News Wire: Star of K-Drama Jung Chae Yull has passed away. Her premature death was recently revealed by her management company, which was devastating news. On April 11, 2023, Chae Yull, who was last seen in Zombie Detective, passed away. She was 26 years old. Although her agency made a formal announcement regarding her passing, the exact reason for her passing is still unknown. 

The official announcement from Jung Chae Yull’s agency began, “We are come to convey devastating news. Chaeyul, an actress, has passed away. According to the desires of her family, who must be suffering more than anybody else, her funeral will be held in secret. 

The official statement about Chae Yull’s demise further read, “We hope you pray for the deceased so Chaeyul, who was also sincere in her acting, may rest in peace. Our Chae-Yul was very hardworking. She was a deep-hearted and cool friend. In my opinion, it is hard to describe in words how amazing she was as an actress.” 

It also mentioned, “Actress Jung Chae Yull has left our side on April 11, 2023. In accordance with the wishes of the bereaved family who must have been in greater sadness than anyone else, the funeral will be held quietly in private. Please wish for Jung Chae Yull, who had always been earnest in her pursuit of acting, to rest in peace in a warm place.” 

Jung Chae Yull was born on September 4, 1996. She began her career with the Korean modelling show, Devil’s Runway in 2016. 

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