West News Wire: Authorities announced Wednesday that actor Julian Sands, who starred in several Oscar-nominated movies, including “A Room With a View,” has been missing for five days in the Southern California mountains while climbing.

According to Gloria Huerta, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County sheriff’s office, Sands, 65, was reported missing on a trail on Mount Baldy on Friday.

The San Gabriel Mountains are about 40 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, where search and rescue teams were looking for Sands. However, due to trail conditions and avalanche risks, the ground search had to be suspended on Saturday, and it has not been able to be restarted since, according to Huerta.

Authorities said they are using helicopters and drones to search for Sands as the weather permits and will resume the ground search when it’s safe.

The latest in a series of storms that have created dangerous mountain conditions swept into Southern California on Friday and lasted through the weekend. Two other hikers have recently died in the area.

Representatives for Sands, an English-born actor who now lives in North Hollywood, did not immediately reply to emails seeking comment or further details.

Sands starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter in the 1985 British romance from director James Ivory, “A Room With a View.”

He also had major roles in in 1989’s “Warlock,” 1990’s “Arachnophobia,” 1991′s “Naked Lunch,” 1993′s “Boxing Helena,” and 1995’s “Leaving Las Vegas.”

Sands has worked consistently in the decades since with smaller roles in film and television.

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