West News Wire: According to local authorities, at least three people have died as a result of the violent storms that rocked the US states of Indiana and Arkansas. Multiple tornadoes have also touched down in some locations. 

According to the National Weather Service, the tornadoes were detected on Sunday afternoon in southern Indiana. 

Local media’s pictures and video showed that downed trees had damaged homes and obstructed roadways. Officials stated that huge hail was also observed in Indiana and other states. 

Martin County, Indiana, emergency personnel confirmed one death. The injured victim’s companion was flown to the hospital, according to Cameron Wolf, director of emergency management. 

The two-story log cottage where the couple resided was destroyed, according to the officials. There was no instant availability of more information. 

Damage is sporadic. It’s fairly common,” Wolf stated in an interview with American news organisation PBS. He claimed that less inhabited areas were hardest damaged. 

According to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office, two people also perished in Arkansas on Sunday night after a tree fell on a Carlisle home during strong storms. A third individual lived. 

According to officials, roughly 75 properties in Johnson County, Indiana, which is south of the state’s capital, Indianapolis, were destroyed, including those in the towns of Greenwood and Bargersville. 

Eric Funkhouser, the fire chief of Bargersville, stated at a press conference that the situation was “clearly a very dangerous scene for the area.” “All over that 3-mile area, we have downed power lines.” 

Kimber Olson, 42, recalled telling her eight-year-old son to sit in the bathtub in an interview with the Indianapolis Star. She then stepped outdoors to record what seemed to be two tornado columns close to her Bargersville house. 

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Olson exclaimed, “The sound is deafening.” You won’t soon forget the sound. Your ears make a peculiar popping sound. You experience an earring. 

She hurried inside, shut all the doors, and jumped in the bathtub with her son as the tornado approached, she claimed. 

When her window broke, she heard glass burst. 

She declared, “I’m going to be terrified during every storm.” I’m going to be very, very diligent in my observation. 

Survey teams were set to visit Martin, Johnson, Daviess and Monroe counties on Monday to assess the damage, according to the National Weather Service office in Indianapolis. 

As of Monday morning, about half a million utility customers faced power outages due to the weather in the US Midwest and South, according to the energy tracking website PowerOutage.us. 

A few days ago, at least one person was killed and about two dozen others were injured when a tornado hit central Mississippi. 

A dangerous heatwave has helped spawn deadly tornadoes in Texas and Florida, where at least four people were killed this month in the storms. 

A recent study published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society suggested that the types of intense storms that are known to spawn tornadoes are expected to increase as temperatures rise from climate change. 


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