West News Wire: Authorities reported that a bus crash in central Mexico on Tuesday resulted in at least 16 deaths and 36 injuries. 

According to the Puebla state government, a passenger bus carrying locals and migrants, the majority of whom were from Venezuela, collided with a trailer truck early on Tuesday morning on the Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca highway close to the border between the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Puebla. 

The cause of the collision was not known. 

The bus held 52 passengers, 10 of them were from Venezuela. According to Mexico’s National Institute of Migration, the migrants were en route to a meeting with US Customs and Border Protection in order to enter the country legitimately. 

Among the dead were 15 Mexican citizens and one Venezuelan national. Nine Venezuelans were among the injured, three of whom remain hospitalized in Tehuacan, the National Institute of Migration said. 

Many migrants, particularly those in detention, struggle to access legal representation. This can hinder their ability to navigate the complex immigration system and present their cases effectively. 

Concerns have been raised about the treatment of individuals during deportation proceedings. Reports of deportations without due process, inadequate access to legal assistance, and cases of individuals being returned to dangerous situations have been documented. 

The absence of comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. has contributed to an ongoing cycle of policy changes, executive orders, and legal battles. This uncertainty can exacerbate the challenges faced by migrants. 

It’s important to note that the treatment of migrants is a complex and multifaceted issue, and opinions on the matter can vary widely. Efforts by advocacy groups, legal organizations, and concerned individuals have aimed to shed light on these issues, advocate for policy changes, and ensure that the rights and dignity of migrants are respected. 

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